A downloadable game for Windows

You left three days ago, sailing on your ship, venturing into unknown waters, a storm erupts in the distance, waves as big as buildings attempt to topple your boat, the boat puts up a fight, but in the end it still breaks, and your left floating on a piece of your boat, tired from exhaustion, you pass out, and you wake up on this mysterious island, your boat is nowhere to be seen,perhaps you can fashion a raft out of some logs, those logs look heavy, if only there was something to help you carry those logs, oh look! a wagon! Good Luck!

Instructions: Gather 10 logs, with the help of your wagon, so you can escape the island.

The wagon can only hold 2 logs at once, so you will have to return to the hut, to drop them off.


Right Mouse Button = Shoot arrows(Hold for longer range)

Arrow Keys and W,S,A,D = movement

SpaceBar = pick up objects, attach and pull wagon,

E = release wagon, drop item

Q = put item in wagon

Take the wagon with you, put logs in it, bring wagon back to hut, go out and get more logs! good luck!

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