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This was made for the Ludum Dare 45, and the theme was "Start With Nothing".

So you will start the game as a dude whose ship just wrecked.  He has to swim until he finds a new ship, which will be relatively close to him.  Once he gets to this ship he will now be able to drive the ship around.  The players ship doesn't have any way to defend itself and will have to collect dead ships to protect itself.  By running into as dead ship it will stick to you creating a shield and offensive capability at the same time.  How you stick the other ships to the player is up to you.  You could ram it from the front, back up slowly and attach it to your back, or sideswipe it and have it on your side.  How you build your Flotilla is up to you.  Once you start to amass some ships you can fight bigger and badder enemies.  


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